If your entry monument sign isn’t attracting as many prospective residents as you’d like, you might need a sign refresh and some help from strategic curb appeal landscaping.

At Oakhurst Signs, this kind of stuff is our specialty. Take it from us and follow our best tips and examples to make your entry monument signs sing.

8 Ways to Use Curb Appeal Landscaping to Liven Up Your Monument Signs

Here are 8 ways to landscape around your property’s monument signs and enhance curb appeal:

1. Frame Your Monument Sign with Trees

If you want to make your monument signs pop, frame them with natural elements like trees that make a statement.

Plant trees behind a single-sided entry sign or along the sides of your double-sided monuments to frame them beautifully.

If you can, choose trees that match the look of your sign’s logo and lettering. For instance, the above monument sign has thin fonts, which mirrors the thin, slender trunks of the trees behind it.

2. Add Inexpensive Mulch

For a budget-friendly option for your curb appeal landscaping, add mulch around your monument sign with simple plant accents. This sets off your signage and makes it look neat, clean, tidy, and attractive without breaking the bank.

3. Pair Bold Colors with Simple Curb Appeal Landscaping

When your sign has bold colors, you don’t want to distract from it.

If you have bold colors on your entry signage, couple it with simple shrubs and greenery to draw the eye to the sign. Uncomplicated landscaping acts as a backdrop for the bolder design, and doesn’t compete with it.

4. Layer Plant Colors That Match Your Branding

Color is a great way to add interest to your property’s landscape. Used strategically, it can also help people notice your signage right away.

Layer colors in front of your signage that match your branding to add an element of dimension. The complementary flower colors in the example above draw out the sign’s text and logo.

5. Use Simple Landscaping for a Modern Look

Looking for curb appeal that’s less flowery and intricate, yet still has natural beauty? Plant simple landscaping, like shrubs in a grid pattern, on a mulched base for a clean and modern look that will complement your architecture.

6. Make Your Entry Signage Work Double-Duty

Your monument signs can pull double-duty – they can announce where your property entry is located, and they can hold beautiful plants and flowers that offset the sign design.

To accomplish both, build a planter into your entry signage. This adds dimension and incorporates your landscaping in an even more purposeful way.

7. Use Varying Plant Heights Strategically

If you can, use plants of various heights to strategically draw your prospects into your property.

When landscaping double-sided signs in medians, plant taller foliage/trees toward the inside of the property.

To fill in the median, use shorter plants in front of the signage and fuller, low plants closest to the road. This adds layers that draw the viewer’s eye to your property, all while framing the signage.

8. Add Landscaping Behind Your Signs

Layer landscaping behind your monument signs to add depth and dimension to your entrance.

Use high bushes and tall trees in the back to set off your signs. You can then surround your monument with smaller shrubs to help frame it in and bring the lush element of nature around the sign.

Get More Signage Inspiration and Know-How from Oakhurst Signs

The key to incredible outdoor signage lies in a proper mix of design, color, landscaping, and attention to detail.

Landscaping can set off your monument signs beautifully and make them look more enticing to prospective residents.

Follow these tips from Oakhurst Signs and make your signs look outstanding.

If your monument signs could use a refresh, we have the answers for that, too. Contact us today to get a signage quote for your property, and get one step closer to incredible signage that will that will give your property the curb appeal it deserves.

Give us a call at 727-532-8255 and talk to a member of our friendly staff about your sign needs.

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