Custom signage design on a monument sign

Your signage is a unique element of your location’s ecosystem that holds the critical responsibility of distinguishing your business from its surroundings – often in more ways than you anticipate. A custom signage design provides more than just wayfinding; they subconsciously communicate your attention to detail, professionalism, and your brand’s core values.

Branding, Signage, and First Impressions

Have you ever tried to find a new doctor’s office or restaurant, only to get frustrated and lost due to missing or confusing signage?  When a guest arrives at your location, the first thing they look for is wayfinding signage to show them where to go. If your wayfinding signage is insufficient, stylistically outdated, or in need of repair, your guests will notice.

According to clinical research, it takes a mere seven seconds to make a first impression, and that first impression should not be negative due to your signage, or lack thereof. A good practice is to survey your outdoor signage quarterly to ensure they are in excellent shape.  Drive or walk to your property from the cross streets and ensure that your signage is legible, easy to locate, and easy to read.

When you do notice the need for an upgrade, Oakhurst Signs is here to help you update and enhance your signage to help maintain the integrity of your business’ reputation. With over 15 years of experience, Oakhurst Signs and Graphics is proud of helping our partners develop great first impressions that drive their business’ success.

Custom Signage Design and Brand Presence

A custom designed sign with your logo is vital to your brand presence. When developed effectively, your logo should activate a positive emotional response in your client and set the right tone for your relationship. Therefore, your signage should be designed to showcase your logo and further promote your brand. It is easy to underestimate the power of communicating your brand through signage, but its design, font, and color all interact with your client to subconsciously prime their perception of your business.

The overall design of your signage indicates the message you are trying to send customers about your business.  Signs with fun, whimsical fonts may be great for a childcare center or a performance group, but would set the wrong tone for an accounting company. Instead, a sharp, clean, and bold printed sign would better serve its purpose for an an accounting firm projecting professionalism and attention to detail.

Stylistic Choices

Fonts and logos are the cornerstone of your signage as they set the tone for your property or business.  When designing a logo, it is important to consider how you want to portray your company.  If it is graceful and professional, you may opt for an elegant font such as the script used by Brooks Brothers.  However, if we would prefer a softer touch, you could choose a font similar to the one used by Dove.

The final aspect of brand presence is color, which can further elicit an emotional response. For example, studies show that blue conveys professionalism, trustworthiness, and dependability and is often the color of choice for many politicians’ ties.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, red is stimulating and exciting, which explains why many restaurants utilize red in their logo to prepare customers for an engaging dining experience.

As you consider revamping or even completely rebranding your business, our award-winning design team is here to help you create the optimal sign package. Oakhurst’s design team has spent years refining their ideation process to help your brand convey the crucial characteristics that differentiate your company from the competition.

Guidance on All Fronts

Oakhurst Signs takes the time to intimately understand your business to effectively communicate your brand and values. Our highly skilled team members utilize state-of-the-art technology and efficient workflows to ensure we achieve your goals on-time and on-budget. As your signage expert, we are eager to provide advice to help you navigate and capitalize on this crucially important process.

Signage is a key part of today’s competitive and dynamic environment, and we are proud to be our partners’ go-to sign company. Oakhurst Signs specializes in the design and fabrication of new signage, manufacturing custom wayfinding signage, rebranding sign systems, refacing existing monuments, and more. See our award-winning portfolio of work and be sure to contact us when you are ready to upgrade your signage.

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