Your property’s outdoor signage is a big deal.

It announces who you are to the world, but it also serves as a valuable advertisement and helper for prospective tenants.

People looking for your property will search for your sign to make sure they’re at the right place. Plus, people driving by will see your signage and may become interested as a result.

Unfortunately, your outdoor signage has to contend with the elements. Wind, rain, changing temperatures, and the sun beating down can all make your signs look worse for wear.

When your signs look shabby or damaged, those prospects will pass right by, and prospective tenants will be critical of your lackluster standards for upkeep.

Thankfully, there are ways to prevent major maintenance issues from occurring with your community’s signage.

Follow these seven rules to maintain the life of your signs and keep your property looking sharp.

7 Rules to Live By for Preventative Sign Maintenance

Keeping your signs looking good is necessary for business. Here are the top ways to care for your signs so they last for years to come.

1. Keep Sprinkler Heads at a Distance

Did you know that hard water from your sprinkler system can damage your outdoor signs?

It’s true. The water that keeps your lawn green contains minerals that can leave rust-colored stains on your signage.

To circumvent this, point sprinkler heads away from signage, or make sure your signs are placed in an area far from your lawn sprinklers.

2. Trim Nearby Trees

A common cause of damage to outdoor signs is due to a combination of trees and rain.

Trees that hang over signs are conduits for rainwater. The rain running off the branches and leaves carries dirt and pollen along with it. When this water drips and runs over your signs, it will leave behind residue and stains.

To prevent this from happening, keep trees and bushes trimmed back from your signage.

3. Add Mulch Beds

Adding a bed of mulch around the post base of your signs, or around the base of your monument signs, is a good idea.

This will prevent landscaping crews or maintenance staff from getting too close to your signs while tending the lawn.

Weed whackers and mowers can cause damage that’s hard to fix, like chips, dents, and scratches. A mulch bed around your signs creates a cushion of space so this is less likely to happen.

4. Use Rust Proof Screws

For wall-mounted or post-mounted signs, always use rust-proof screws to prevent damage.

Regular screws can rust over time. Rainwater can cause the rust to drip down the face of your signs, which will leave unsightly stains.

Thus, for easy preventative sign maintenance, use rust-proof screws whenever you have signs that need to be hung or mounted outdoors.

5. Always Use Screw Caps on Your Outdoor Signage

For a sleeker look and extra safety, use screw caps on your signage.

Screw caps hide the screws and make your signage harder to remove. This means you’ll deter vandals who may be looking to remove and steal your signs.

Screw caps also update the look of your signs for a modern, clean finish.

6. Plant Landscaping Strategically

The right landscaping planted around your signage will help protect it from damage.

For example, sometimes kids like to play on or around signs, and pets can choose signs as the perfect spot for their bathroom break.

To prevent this, add a natural barrier to your backline of landscaping around monument signs as well as signs located near busy areas, like bus stops. A cluster of stiff or thorny bushes/shrubs will keep kids and pets away but will still look nice.

7. Keep Touch-Up Paint Handy

In the event that one of your signs does get damaged, it’s a good idea to keep cans of touch-up paint handy in your maintenance shed.

You never know when a vandal may choose to tag your sign with graffiti, for example. Plus, accidental nicks or scratches are always a possibility.

With a can of touch-up paint on hand, you can quickly handle any mishaps so your signs always look fresh and inviting, not damaged and unsightly.

A Little Preventative Sign Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Just a few small preventative measures will go a long way toward keeping your property’s signage looking its best.

Check out our sign cleaner recipe if you need to handle any existing stains or dirt on your signage – it will help you get your signs looking like new.

Need additional advice on sign maintenance? One of our expert Account Managers would love to help. Call Oakhurst Signs today! 727-532-8255

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