Your reputation hinges on how your property looks at first glance.

Maintaining your property and keeping it neat, clean, and attractive is one of the keys to drawing in new business.

One major area that contributes to your overall appeal and appearance are your outdoor signs. These are the “face” of your business.

Since these are exposed to the elements and all kinds of weather, you have to give them some attention regularly to keep them sparkling.

Here are our best outdoor sign cleaning tips that will help you maintain that neat, clean, professional look that’s so important to your bottom line.

Our Top Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Cleaning Your Outdoor Signs

No matter the types of signs on your property, we have cleaning tricks that can keep them looking snazzy.

Cleaning Tips for Routed Signs

Routed signs are notoriously hard to clean because they have small, indented grooves.

That routed effect looks cool and professional on your signs, but not if it’s clogged with dirt and grime.

  • To clean routed signs, get a can of duster (also called compressed air) and a soft toothbrush or car detailing brush.
  • Gently spray dirt and debris away from the tiny routed areas with the can of compressed air. Use your small brush to dislodge any remaining dirt.
  • You may be tempted to use a pressure washer to do this job, instead. Just say “NO”, as pressure-washing can cause paint to chip and may damage your signage.

Tips for Acrylic and Aluminum Signs

Acrylic and aluminum signs stand up to the elements pretty well, and may not need as much attention as other types of signs.

  • You can use the same type of cleaner for acrylic and aluminum signs throughout your property.
  • Avoid Windex and other harsh cleaners on your signs. These contain potent chemicals that can strip away the finish.
  • Our personal favorite DIY sign cleaning solution is the best substitute for harsh cleaners, as it’s both gentle and effective. Download the recipe and use it on all your signs.

Outdoor Sign Cleaning Tips for Quarterly Maintenance

Your outdoor signage will ideally need maintenance on a quarterly basis to look its best.

Have your maintenance staff put together a sign cleaning and touch-up kit for this purpose. It will make caring for signs much easier, plus, you’ll ensure your staff is always using the right tools for this specific job.

This kit should include:

  • A small can of touch-up paint for each of your signs’ colors
  • A few tiny brushes and small sponge rollers
  • A roller tray
  • A spray bottle with warm soapy water (download the recipe for our DIY sign cleaning formula)
  • A can of duster
  • A car detailing brush
  • A lint-free rag
  • An inventory list of all of your property’s signage and a map of their locations

Each quarter, have your maintenance staff use this kit to do spot cleaning and take inventory as they check each of your property’s signs.

Have them make a list of signs that are missing or have been vandalized and need replacement.

How to Clean and Care for Monument Signs

Monument signs make grand statements at key areas on your property. As such, taking care of them is doubly important.

For these types of signs, it’s best to include them in your monthly maintenance schedule to avoid build-up of rainwater runoff, dirt, brake dust, and other unsightly stains.

Here’s what to do with these signs each month:

  • Trim back trees that overhang your entry signs to avoid runoff from the tree leaves and branches.
  • Never pressure wash your monuments. Instead, use a soft, dry, clean paintbrush to gently wipe away dirt and debris. You can also use a lint-free cloth and brush with some soapy water to gently wipe dirt and grime away.
  • Spray pesticides around your monuments to prevent spiders from building webs that will collect leaves, dust, and dirt.
  • Check sprinkler heads to make sure they are facing away from your signage to avoid hard water stains and damage.

Keep Your Property Looking Sharp with Our Outdoor Sign Cleaning Tips

The little details are what make any business property shine. Pay attention to the state of your outdoor signs, keep them clean and fresh, and your business “face” will look impeccable and professional.

At Oakhurst Signs, we’re signage experts. Contact us today for all your sign needs, including quotes for replacements or new designs. We’re also happy to answer all your sign maintenance questions! 727-532-8255

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